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Probus Creative Housewares is the UK arm of Fackelmann gmbh, the German based international housewares manufacturer. The Fackelmann Group has over 28 offices and factories worldwide and employs in excess of 3500 people. Through its global network, Fackelmann supplies virtually all of the major housewares retailers in Europe.

This substantial and robust infrastructure has allowed Probus the resource and investment to develop and grow the brand both in the UK and abroad. Access to the extensive range of Fackelmann products and services allows us to offer our customers far greater choice, in terms of range, price, merchandising and brand options.

As you enjoy our catalogue, look out for concept collections such as “Tecno”, “Patisserie” and “Asia Line”. Leading ranges of tools and gadgets include “Opal”, “Soft Grip” and the contemporary “Arcadalina”.

The Fackelmann UK collection is constantly updated and contains some of the best selling products from the Fackelmann global portfolio alongside proven winners from the Probus range - We hope you find it both interesting and innovative.